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Roberta Ellis, Vice President
“Your passion for safety and your desire to work towards the goal of safe and healthy workplaces is commendable, and my experience of you has been that your commitment is impressive. I know that both on a personal and professional basis you care a great deal about occupational health and safety and I admire and respect that.” (2009.05.06)

Douglas McDonald, Senior Regional Officer
“This letter is to recognize your contribution to the health and safety of workers employed in British Columbia. Since 1984 you have contributed significantly in the development of industry specific safe work procedures and recently the development of the BC Shake and Shingle Industry 2010 Safety Program which we believe may become the standard for this industry” (2010.03.09).

Paul Orr, Occupational Safety Officer
“Your work has positively impacted the industry and resulted in lower injury rates” (2010.03.09).


Senate of Canada

Hon. Gerry St. Germain, P.C.
“During the 1980s, I got to know Mr. Clark. I was well versed in the safety hazards that existed in industry and the challenges to achieve higher safety standards. Mr Clark’s hard work and perseverance in tackling the issue of worker safety in industry has paid off by significantly increasing the safety of workers. I am aware from those operating in industry, that Mr. Clark’s efforts to improve worker safety have been well utilized and are truly appreciated! Mr. Clark’s dedication to improving the safety of British Columbians and people in other jurisdictions is worthy of province wide recognition.” (2008.10.21)

Federal House of Commons – Canada

Randy Kamp, M.P.
“I am pleased to write to you today in support of Mr. Dennis W. Clark. As a Member of Parliament, I have seen the good work that Mr. Clark does for the community. His commitment has provided an instrumental framework of safety for industry. He also volunteers generously of his time and effort to make our community a better and safer place in which to live. I would be happy to speak to you personally regarding Mr. Clark’s many fine qualities.” (2008.11.12)

Provincial Legislature – British Columbia

Randy Hawes, M.L.A. – Minister of Mines
“It is my distinct pleasure to pledge my support for Dennis W. Clark. Throughout his thirty-three year career, Dennis has been a tireless advocate for improving safety standards. It is indicative of Dennis’ success that WCB rates (serious injuries) reduced by 40% between when his program was implemented and the present.
Dennis has displayed a genuine commitment to inducing positive change in the workplace and due to his work, many workers and their families have benefited. Additionally, Dennis is highly involved in the Adult Education Advisory Group at the University of the Fraser Valley, which equips him to bring his vision of safety to fruition in Canada.
Exceptional leaders that spearhead new improvements in safety, like Dennis, need to be recognized for their efforts.” (2008.11.18)

District Municipality

Office of the Mayor – Hon. James Atebe
“I am glad to have the opportunity to write this letter in support of Mr. Dennis W. Clark. As Mayor of Mission for seven years and member of Council for the prior six years, I have had ample opportunity to know Mr. Clark and his family. During that period, I have had adequate time to assess his contributions in the field of safety and also volunteerism. Mr. Clark has contributed significantly towards public safety throughout the Province of British Columbia and elsewhere. I have no hesitation endorsing Mr. Clark.” (2008.10.03)


Harry Diemer, President & CEO
“On behalf of everyone at the British Columbia Safety Authority, I would like to thank you for your continued commitment to safety. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your leadership role in promoting public safety! (2008.10.31)


Gary Veitch, Auditor
“A recent BCFSC COR Audit revealed that once again you have earned the highest (audit) score I have awarded to a safety system- 100% and Injury Management System 100%!” (2011.07.05)

Reynold Hert, BCFSC CEO
“Dennis brings to the table a combination of practical experience, passion, and an overall understanding of the needs of his sector (Forestry) which in the end will benefit his members” (2009.03.24).

Ken Hall, Manager Safe Companies
“Dennis is not only educated, he has practical experience both as a Millwright and Mill Management.”

“It is evident from the feedback I have received from both the auditor and our quality assurance staff that the safety management System that you have employed is a good example of a safety system that meets the requirements of the BCFSC large employer audit protocol while it remains practical to your industry.”

“A recent BCFSC Verification Audit conducted by the Manager of Safe Companies (Martin Ridgeway) of Dennis’ Safety System scored 100% and the Injury Management System scored 100%!”


Lynne Christensen, Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau Director of Operations:
“Mr Clark has extensive experience with WCB safety issue administration and legislation; he should be a welcome addition to your team” (2008.09.25).

Paul Curtis, McLarens Canada Senior Adjuster:
“Mr Clark’s insight and knowledge of entire operations and indeed a completely thorough understanding of the entire day-to-day operation of mill facilities is regarded as one of the most sought after in the industry” (2009.03.16).

Phone: 604 615 1928
Email: denniswclark@me.com